Alex is a female pro and a major character in ExplodingTNT's videos, first appearing in Steve Vs. Alex. Sometimes she takes the role of a protagonist in his videos. She is one of the default skins of Minecraft, along with Steve.


Alex is the female default skin of the game. she has the appearance of a female. She has long, orange hair that goes below her shoulder, and green eyes. She has a dull green t-shirt and brown pants, accompanied with black shoes. Her skin is pale beige.


Alex is a pro, which means that she likes diamonds. She is quite sensitive, however her intelligence is very high, which contrasts a lot with the not-so-clever Steve. Alex once married Steve, but their marriage did not last long. Alex often helps Steve improve, but Steve, in ExplodingTNT's universe, is too unintelligent to understand her properly and often ends up doing something stupid.

She is one of the nicer pros, not killing noobs for fun and sometimes even helping them.



Alex hates Steve. Alex has tried to kill Steve before, but Steve thinks she loves him.