Baby Pink Sheep is the son of Pink Sheep coming from space.


Baby Pink Sheep has the appearance of a small sheep, only colored pink. He usually makes sheep noises, but when he evolves he uses a weird version of Pink Sheep's voice, scaring Pink Sheep away.


Because of his non-cursoriness and the almost-permanent muteness, little is known about him. However, it is certain that he is a baby and has a weird voice, possibly the voice Pink Sheep had as a baby. However, most of that are just theories.

He is the half-brother of Purple Shep, the main difference being that Baby Pink Sheep is not recurring. The Enderdragon is his step-mother, with The Enderdragon's mom being the step-grandmother.


  • Baby Pink Sheep was never seen or mentioned after If Pink Sheep Had a Baby. Since Purple Shep's birth, many fans have been wondering what happened to Baby Pink Sheep and why Pink Sheep or Purple Shep never mentioned him.
  • There is a theory that Baby Pink Sheep comes from the Pink Planet.
  • Despite it being a baby sheep, it has a mustache.