Creeperlover99 is a minor unrecurring character in ExplodingTNT videos. He only appears in If Creepers had Arms. He is one of the Creepers affected by the update which made them to have arms.


CreeperLover99 has the same texture as a normal creeper, but has arms and red and black headphones.


CreeperLover99 is very confident, but seems to be an extreme sore loser when it comes to games. He goes far enough as to murder because of how much of a sore loser he is.


If Creepers had Arms

CreeperLover99 walked into his bedroom, ready to play Minecraft (causing a Minecraft inception) for the first time with his new arms. He went onto a PVP server, and kept on getting killed by another player. He was very angry and threatened to kill that guy in real life. After he died one more time, he kept his promise and blew himself up, killing him along with the guy who he threatened to kill.


  • CreeperLover99 is the first mob to play a videogame inside Minecraft, the second one being the Gamer Ghast.