Diamond Planet
The Diamond Planet
Vital statistics
Type Planet
Level Unknown
Location Space Dimension
Inhabitants The Diamond People
The Diamond Planet is one of the many planets found in the Space Dimension.


The Diamond Planet is a very large "sphere" (not a true sphere, as Minecraft is made of cubes) fully made of Diamond Blocks. Due to its composition most part of the planet is shiny, excluding a small "dark side" found at the south side of the planet.


The Diamond Planet is the homeworld of The Diamond People. It is also a treasure for the Overworld humans that arrived it (like Failboat in If a Space Dimension was Added) as it is made of Diamonds.


  • The Diamond People said they haven't seen dirt in 14 years. This may mean the Diamond Planet previously had dirt but it dissapeared for some reason, or maybe it means the Diamond People inhabited the Overworld until they moved to the planet.

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