Dirt Dimension
Dirt dimension
Vital statistics
Type Dimension
Level Unknown
Location Another dimension
Inhabitants Noobs

Dirt Ghasts

The Dirt Dimension was a secret dimension revealed (and destroyed) in If a Dirt Dimension existed.


The Dirt Dimension's setoff was the same as the Overworld one. However, here everything was made of dirt, including ground, trees and houses. The water was brown like dirt, and the sky was purple. However, deadbushes, lava and podzol could be found here too.

After the "Grass Invasion", the appearance of the dimension is unknown, however it may have been dissapeared forever during the explosion, or maybe it's the same just with everything covered by grass.


To access the Dirt Dimension, you had to build a normal Nether Portal, just made with dirt, and light it with Flint and Steel like with a normal portal.

The Dirt Dimension was the home of many noobs, with The Dirt Creature being the most notable one, creator of the Dirt Village, a dirt-made small village where many noobs dwelled. Here, pros (like BaconCrafter) weren't welcome, and diamonds were just garbage. Another of the inhabitants of the dimension were the little-known Dirt Ghasts: Ghasts made of dirt that have only said the words "THIS AINT THE NETHER FOOL" before.

Actually, the Dirt Dimension has been destroyed, as the noob placed a grass block in the ground, the one made the grass to extend everywhere quickly and blow up the dimension.


  • The Dirt Dimension and the Noob Dimension are very similar: both are home of noobs, both have many dirt on its surface and both suffered a disaster (In the case of the Dirt Dimension, the "Grass Invasion", and in the one of the Noob Dimension, BaconCrafter's arrival) at the end of the video they appeared on.
  • The Dirt Dimension and the TNT Dimension are the only dimensions that ended up being destroyed.
    • Coincidentally, both were destroyed by a big explosion.