Donald Trump is a minor character in ExplodingTNT videos. He made his greatest appearance as the main character of If Donald Trump owned Minecraft.


Donald Trump has a more detailed face than another Minecraft players. He's got blonde hair, black dots with blonde eyebrows as eyes (except when he gets surprised, making them to turn into big white squares with the dots in the middle) and a pink mouth. He is well dressed, having black suit and trouser, a white shirt and a red tie.

However, in If Famous People played Minecraft, Donald Trump had a different looking. His hair was longer, his face was less dettailed, and the black dots of the eyes changed to normal white and blue eyes.


Donald Trump is often seen disguised as another people to accomplish something, like as Randy Orton (to kill John Cena) and as the Ghost of Minecraft (to make Pink Sheep to vote him). As a president, he can do both bad things (such as "firing" new players and stealing emeralds from villagers) and attempt to do good things he mess with (such as building a wall to separe the players from the creepers, even though he got the wrong side). He is an arrogant president but he shares something with all the other players: he dies or quits after being victim of Pink Sheep's perverted personality.


Pink Sheep goes Trick or Treating

Donald Trump disguises as the official Ghost of Minecraft and shows in front of Pink Sheep. Pink Sheep initially "mistakes" him as Donald Trump, but then the ghost "corrects" him. The Ghost says he knew about Pink Sheep's struggles for getting candy in Hallowen he failed and the terrible feel it means, but he says he must keep positive, as his desire may be just right beside him. As Pink Sheep doesn't understand, the Ghost shears him to show his wool is cotton candy he could eat each time it grew back. The Ghost tries to make Pink Sheep to learn happiness can come from the simpliest things, even himself, but Pink Sheep still thinks he is Donald Trump and leaves after saying he is not going to vote him. After he leaves. Donald Trump takes off his Ghost costume and asks himself if it was that obvious, ending the video.

If Donald Trump owned Minecraft

Donald Trump and Notch are both candidates for becoming the president of Minecraft. At the starting of the video Donald Trump asks about his hair, and the screen turns into a comparision of his hair and a corn cob. Donald Trump says in the stage than Minecraft, as a great game, needs a great leader. When Notch wins the elections, Donald Trump one-shots him with an enchanted bow and becomes president, making the title card to show.

At the next scene, there is shown how Donald Trump, after several years of work and money spent finished building a wall to separate players from the evil Creepers. However, Donald notices he went to the wrong side, and a great pack of Creepers show up and explode, destroying the wall.

At the next scene, Donald greets a new player to Minecraft (TrumpCraft according to him), saying he is feeling rich. Then he sets the player on fire while saying his phrase: "You're fired", and the screen switches to a black and white video of people clapping at the joke.

Later, the Villagers notice someone stole their emeralds. Meanwhile they wonder who did it, the thief is revealed to be Donald Trump, as he walks through a path meanwhile launching the emeralds to the air and a song is played.

Later, at the ending scene, Donald Trump is in Mojang's Office looking through the window until Pink Sheep arrives. Unlike another times, Pink Sheep doesn't present itself as (according to it) he is so famous Donald Trump already knows him. He says he admires Trump and thinks he is a great leader. Donald Trump thanks him, but then Pink Sheep says he will be his vice president. Donald Trump replies saying he doesn't need a vice president. Pink Sheep then says he and Donald Trump will "wool" the world together, something Trump doesn't understand. Then Pink Sheep says he and Trump will work together to "develope" 16 and a half babies than will "wool" the world with them and make Minecraft a better place. After that, Donald Trump quits (and dies), leaving Pink Sheep sadly alone, but also allowing it to be president.

If John Cena played Minecraft

Donald Trump appears in the last scene, disguised as Randy Orton. After seeing him, John Cena starts to sweat blood, and has the urge to kill him, but the player tries to convince him he is just a fan of Randy with his skin. After a few trials, John Cena understands and apologizes to the player, only to be killed by him as he reveals who he really is (Donald Trump).

If Minecraft was realistic

After Minecraft became realistic, Notch "fixed" Steve's face, as it was too pixelated. When Notch shows everyone the new Steve, it's revealed his face is now Donald Trump's one, and he even says his catchphrase: "You're fired". This updates consequences chaos everywhere.

If Voice Chat was added

In this video, Notch used voice filters to convince Patrick he was Barack Obama. However, he is killed by Patrick, as he reveals to be Donald Trump in disguise.

If Famous People played Minecraft

At the starting of the video, Donald Trump appears near ExplodingTNT and Gerald. ExplodingTNT, thinking it's a normal player with Trump's skin, starts talking to him, mostly insulting the real-life Donald Trump. Angry, Donald Trump bans TNT... from America.

If Minecraft Had a President

At the starting of the video, Failboat mentions how peaceful (actually not) is America after Donald Trump became the president, as an excuse to convince Notch of making Minecraft to have a president.

Both Donald Trump and ExplodingTNT are the candidates for president in this video. When Donald Trump, with the intention of "making Minecraft great again", asks a player who is he gonna vote for, he answers ExplodingTNT, making Trump angry and leading him to kill the player with a Diamond Sword.

Later, in the presidential debate, Donald Trump answers he's going to "make Minecraft great again" by building a giant, terrific, beautiful wall with his face he would marry, leaving the audience in shock.

Finally, after the voting, Donald Trump's results are 0.4%, tying with TNT. A Deadbush got the other 99.2% and became the president of Minecraft.


  • In real life, Donald Trump is the 45th and current American President.
    • Donald Trump is one of many characters of the videos who exist in real life. Other ones include ExplodingTNT, Failboat, Notch, Jeb, Dinnerbone, Nicky Minaj, Kevin Hart, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Mitt RomneyJohn Cena, Justin Bieber, TheDiamondMinecart, SkyDoesMinecraft, other YouTubers and Barack Obama.
      • However, Donald Trump, John Cena, Kevin Hart, "The Rock", Justin Bieber and Barack Obama (only in If Barack Obama played Minecraft) are the only ones which are represented as in real life.
    • The scene in "If Donald Trump owned Minecraft" where he builds a wall to separate Players and Creepers is a reference to one of his tasks in real life: to build a wall between the U.S.A. and Mexico, separating lationamericans and americans.
      • This fact is referenced again in If Minecraft had a President, where, during the presidential debate, Donald mentions building a wall, the one he would marry.

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