In the film and game world, an Easter Egg is a little detail you can find that leaks info or as a reference. ExplodingTNT and his fans have a couple to find. Spoiler Alert!

List of Easter Eggs

Mr. Krabs and Herobrine In Pink Sheep's video in which he goes to Bikini Bottom, he visits the Krusty Krab. After Mr. Krabs finds out that Pink Sheep does not have any money, he starts freaking out and says that Pink Sheep is worse than Herobrine . This is a reference to a video released a year before (Herobrine Vs. SpongeBob ), in which Herobrine seemingly steals a Krabby Patty and Mr. Krabs kicks him out.


If you visit one of the redirects to the I Give Up Hole page and enter edit mode, you can find a text saying "i like trains".

The Real Pink Sheep

This is an easter egg on this wiki. If you go to the Pink Sheep page and click the Official in the caption of the picture, it will bring you to a picture of Pink Sheep's modern, mustached appearance.