Purple Shep's drawing of ExplodingTNT in his fan-art video

ExplodingTNT is a YouTuber that makes Minecraft Machinimas. In his videos, he acts like a noob by liking deadbushes and ink sacs. But in the real world he is extremely clever.


ExplodingTNT is a TNT person, who has a red and white TNT hoodie. He is made of actual TNT, as shown when he lights himself on fire. He has a white face with a huge smile on it, but rest of his head is the TNT Sprite (Actually mask). He has dark blue jeans with brown shoes. He also has only one tooth, it being his signature buck tooth.


As a character, ExplodingTNT is pretty nice, but is slightly unintelligent (unofficially). He does like useless items, and will accept weird video ideas. But when he goes out to eat dinner he talks polite with the waiter and respects Failboat when the two actually agree with each other. He also treats his fans kindly.

Everyone (Except Failboat) calls ExplodingTNT a mouse, because he likes cheese and has buck teeth. This fad actually started with a comment in the video If Minecraft was Weird, saying "Why is ExplodingTNT's face shaped like a mouse?" and never stopped since.

He also seems to like being the focus on his videos, as seen when he exploded in rage after noticing he wasn't featured in any of his Top 5 Videos of 2015, nor in Failboat's Christmas Video.


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