Failboat's design resembles a young teenager. He wears a white sweatshirt with a yellow figure on the back sporting black crosses, which is his logo. He has light blue eyes and blonde hair, along with dark black shorts with matching shoes. He seems to find himself in terrible situations, like an Enderdragon popping up and attacking him.


Failboat is really helpful, as shown when he helps Purple Shep get ready for YouTube, and straight out says this when he helps a lady cross the street. He is polite to everyone, except occasionally ExplodingTNT, likely because his ideas are stupid. But he does show respect to him in If ExplodingTNT Couldn't Make a Christmas Video. He is also smart, telling TNT what and what not to do, and explaining to Notch that Poop Ore is stupid. Failboat is also known to be ExplodingTNT's first real friend. Failboat often tells TNT about how TNT's ideas are stupid, but TNT never listens to him. Failboat often helps TNT with pixel art, as Failboat is good at it. However, Failboat may be unintelligent at times, as he fell for a villager who tried to make him give the villagers 100 emeralds in exchange for normal blocks which is obviously a lie in If Every Block Looked the Same.


Danathaniel Failboat pondering something


  • Purple Shep often calls Failboat "Uncle Failboot" despite that Failboat is not related to Purple Shep.
  • He is ExplodingTNT's first real friend.
  • Failboat was killed by The Destroyer in episode 4 of the Lost Island. However, he appeared in later videos. According to him on Top 5 ExplodingTNT Videos of 2015, he survived because he "respawn".
  • He gets a fat texture in If Fast Food Was Added To Minecraft.
  • In If Voice Chat was Added to Minecraft, he sang the song "Friday" by Rebecca Black while he was taking a shower without turning off his mic. Starting from then, instead of his speech being in text, it is now displayed by his voice.
    • He is also shown singing Friday in If you could go to the Moon in Minecraft and in This button will destroy Minecraft (part 2).
  • Purple Shep drew a picture of Failboat in one of his videos.

    Failboat in a photo saying "Aliens are so handsome"


    Purple Shep's drawing of Failboat. He is screaming "My wall!!!!