FatFagit92 is a non-recurring Noob and the main character of the video How to NOT Make Friends.


FatFagit92 has the same appearance as Steve, with a short-sleeved shirt, blue pants, and a smile.


FatFagit92 is a noob. He is never shown to have dead bushes, but he acts weird and has thinks false things about him, such as him being handsome despite him being a Steve skin. He also "ruined many lives".


How to NOT Make Friends

He makes his first appearance in the 1st skit of the video, titled "Let them know you're here". It starts off with a shot of a happy lobby on a server, with players having fun, throwing pool parties and just generally enjoying their stay. Suddenly, a Steve joins, and greets themselves as FatFagit92. He then continues, saying that his most valuable feature is his handsomeness, and that he is willing to become anyones friend. As soon as he offers friendship, the server empties out, leaving FatFagit alone.

He also makes an appearance in the second last skit, titled "FIT IN". As two random people are talking about their relationship, FatFagit rushes in, saying that they were unknowingly his friends, and then logs off for 2 hours. In 2 hours, he comes back, having the head of one of the people and the body of the other person. He then continues on, saying that they will go to parties and show off their bodies. As soon as he asks if they want to join him, the two people run off screaming in terror.

He makes his last appearance in the last scene of the video, titled "Care for your friends". We see a random person in yellow clothes crying on a beach, when a Steve rushes in, asking about what is happening, and that he can tell him, because he is his friend. The crying guy explains, saying that something horrible that ruined many lives happened and that he can't handle it. Steve keeps on asking, saying that the crying guy can trust him as a friend. The crying person explains, saying that an ugly person joined the server, and that the person's name was FatFagit92. The camera cuts to the Steve with his name tag visible, revealing his name to be FatFagit92, ending the video.


  • If you search up FatFagit92 on Google, you will find something strange. On TheNova forums, a person named Cooper posted an application. In the application, they used an example of a person spamming. Strangely enough, the rule breaker's name was FatFagit92, and he was talking to someone named barbiecuddler99. Both of those names were featured in the video. This wouldn't be odd, if the application wasn't posted before the video was released! The application was posted in November 2013, and the video aired in January 2014.
  • He is one of the only characters that have an expletive in their name. Some other are FagitPuss93.

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