Jeb is the co-creator of Minecraft and a major character in ExplodingTNT videos.


Jeb looks almost like a god, themed after Ancient Greece. He has white, long hair with a wreath, along with chocolatebrown clothing and what looks like green vines all over him. He has pale skin and a beard.


Jeb is a developer, just like Notch. This version of Jeb has nothing to do with the real one, as the real one can add very interesting and enjoyable things into the game. This Jeb is really nooby and weird, as shown when he tries to befriend a cactus in If Lava was Invisible. His main goal is to add toilets to the game, going to extreme measures in order to achieve this goal (such as collecting 1000 diamonds, emeralds and John Cena heads). He is shown to be in love with toilets, and he even tried to marry one before. He often interacts with them and talks to them.

Official Description

Co-Owner of Minecraft that has one mission and one mission alone: Add toilets into Minecraft.


  • Jeb also appears in the banner of the ExplodingTNT's channel, he is seen sitting on a toilet.
    • His face on the banner was covered by ExplodingTNT's profile picture.

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