Not to be mistaken with the Killer Villagers video or normal Villagers.

Killer Villagers are Villagers who have been buffed by carrots. They attack players who threaten the regular villagers.


Killer Villagers basically look like villagers, but they are more muscular and large. Their torso, arms, legs and heads are all larger, muscular and overall stronger. Their eyes also get outlined when they are surprised.


Killer Villagers usually have the same personality as the villager they come from, just a little bit dumber. This can be seen mostly on Farmer Villagers, who start speaking with bad grammar and spelling when turned into Killer Villagers. However, this change is not notable in any way on the Cleric villager, who keps his intelligence even after turning into a Killer Villager. They are the protectors of the village, and are very brave and strong, killing players like Failboat just in a few hits.


  • Carrots possibly have supernatural powers, as they are able to buff anyone who eats them, such as Steve and Villagers
  • Killer Villagers are actually Iron Golems but re-textured.
  • They're very similar to the Villager Golems from the mod "Random Mobs"