Lost Island is a modded Minecraft series in ExplodingTNT's channel. As of September 26, 2016, it consisted of 5 episodes. The full series was uploaded as a movie on June 22, 2016.


Episodes 1-3

A brand new Modded Minecraft Machinima series that follows the adventures of ExplodingTNT, Herobrine, Notch and Failboat as they quickly run into bad luck while going on vacation together.

Episode 4

After finding a mysterious hatch in the corner of the island, it's time for the survivors of the plane crash to man up and explore to find out who is causing all this trouble.

Episode 5

After losing one of their friends, the three remaining survivors are left in a dangerous situation. How will they defeat the giant metal mob enemy with no weapons? More importantly, where is Pink Sheep and what is he planning?


Lost Island- PLANE CRASH! Episode 1

The video starts with a scene of an airport in which it holds helicopters, jets,and airplanes. There are some passengers enjoying themselves in the waiting room. Soon, ExplodingTNT, Herobrine, Notch and Failboat showed up, saying that it's their first vacation together. After they boarded the plane, Pink Sheep snuck in with no one's notice.On the plane the pilot announced they're heading to notchfillcalifornia and warned everyone not to fart owing to the fact that he's allergic to farts. And all of them tend to be excited about the trip and the seven-hour-flight.

Four hours later, while most people on plane are asleep, one of the passengers in the bathroom is going to fart and he's concerned whether someone will notice. After he farted, he went back to his seat relieved. But meanwhile, the pilot smelled it and ran into the passengers' cabin and ask who did that.Before anyone admitted it, the pilot died of the unbearable smell. The plane soon turned on to chaos, with running shouting and guns since the co-pilot, the pilot's brother, turns out to be in the airport watching a panda show.Soon the plane went down with no reason, and it crashed on an island in the middle of nowhere. It ends up with the wreck of the plane covered in fire and dead bodies everywhere. Our main characters suffered dizziness and coma.

Lost Island- DEAD BODIES EVERYWHERE! Episode 2

After a while, ExplodingTNT, Herobrine, Notch and Failboat (the only survivors) gathered together as they feel sad for all victims of the air crash. They thought Pink Sheep was dead, but he landed the island by a parachute wearing sun glasses and mustache in no time. He soon ran into a cave which leads to a huge jungle.The next day, Herobrine assigned work to everyone, TNT and Failboat went into the jungle and look for food. On the other hand, Notch and Herobrine gathered resources and built a shelter.The jungle surrounds a fairly big lake, and the trees grow on extreme hills and mountains.When Notch and Herobrine started their construction, a man (probably another survivor) showed up. Simultaneously TNT and Failboat found a dead body without legs in the jungle after they got some food.The atmosphere became creeepy.

Lost Island- THE SECRET CAVERN! Episode 3

At the beginning, there's a meat eating killer plant that hides well in fern leaves. Failboat and TNT inspected the dead body, and they are concrned about what or who did that.The other survivor built a cozy bamboo shelter beside the wreck. Later on Herobrine got hungry, so he told the other man to look for Failboat and TNT.The man was attacked by the plant and died. Sick of waiting, Notch and Herobrine went in the forest. They saw the other man lying dead. Herobrine immediately found out that the plant killed him. They thought this place was dangerous, and they will be happy if Failboat and TNT died. But Failboat and TNT ran to them frightened, and they asked them to find out about what happened to the dead body without legs. By the time they got there the dead body is gone, leaving a secret cavern at the same place. They decided to enter the cavern tomorrow, with more supplies and weapons. At night, the cavern opens itself.

Lost Island- THE DESTROYER! Episode 4

Out the cavern came a monster like mob known as Destroyer. When it's day time, four of them are well prepared for the expedition into the cavern. Failboat is the lookout, the others got into the cavern. The cavern looks like a stronghold with some skeleton. Then they saw Pink Sheep kissing a skeleton. Deep inside the corridor, they saw another cavern door. Just when they are ready to get inside, They heard Failboat shout, so they went back and see if he's alright. Failboat is dead with his legs gone. Not far away, there's a sheared sheep so they thought Pink Sheep was dead. Meanwhile, Pink Sheep came and said that's just a doll. Back to the shelter, when they were wondering what's on the island killing people, the Destroyer is coming toward them.

Lost Island - LET THE BATTLE BEGIN! Episode 5

The remaining of them tried to escape from the Destroyer. Herobrine suggest they sleep now and run in the morning because the enemy walks slower than his pet snail. The next morning when they woke up the enemy is already beside them. While they run and scream they attacked it, but it doesn't take any damage. Unlike them, Pink Sheep is talking to a Orca (Pink Sheep called it an over-sized hippo) and told it to get out of the water because Pink Sheep wants to take a bath in the lake. Then Pink Sheep kicked the Orca away. Soon the Orca fell on the Destroyer with the John Cena meme and flying MLG glasses landing over the Orca. Both the enemy and the Orca died. All of them were very happy because they got Failboat's revenge. Not long after that the pilot's brother flying a helicopter came to the rescue. He claimed his brother wore a tracking device and that's why they are found. Everyone except Pink Sheep boarded the helicopter. When they are proud of themselves, Herobrine farted badly and the helicopter crashed on the sea. The last thing we see is ExplodingTNT floating above the water.


  • Failboat died in this series, but he is alive in later videos.
    • In the Top 5 2015 ExplodingTNT videos, after The Lost Island series was awarded, ExplodingTNT asked how was this possible.
  • The modpack was made and maintained by @KaziniLooper exclusively for the series.