Lost Island- THE DESTROYER! Is a video on ExplodingTNT's video that was made on December 2, 2015.


Out the cavern came a monster like mob known as Destroyer. When it's day time, four of them are well prepared for the expedition into the cavern. Failboat is the lookout, the others got into the cavern. The cavern looks like a stronghold with some skeleton. Then they saw Pink Sheep kissing a skeleton. Deep inside the corridor, they saw another cavern door. Just when they are ready to get inside, They heard Failboat shout, so they went back and see if he's alright. Failboat is dead with his legs gone. Not far away, there's a sheared sheep so they thought Pink Sheep was dead. Meanwhile, Pink Sheep came and said that's just a doll, and he said he was no longer friends with them because they failed his test. Back to the shelter, when they were wondering what's on the island killing people, the Destroyer is coming toward them.