The Noob is an unnamed noob and the main character of the video When a Noob uses Command Blocks. He also appears in the thumbnail for When Herobrine Was a Baby.


He is a bald noob, with his mouth gaping open. He wears a generic white sweatshirt with a hoodie, and pitch black pants. His eyes are just dots.


This noob is a generic noob. Although we don't see him with generic noob stuff, he is quite stupid, as seen in the video. He also has a lack of friends.


When a Noob Uses Command Blocks

This noob makes his only appearance in this video. He starts by coming out of his house and going into a random building. He then jumps on the table, saying that he likes books. A player standing behind the noob says that the noob is uneducated. The player shows the noob a command block. He says that he has to educate the noobs and that the noob can learn from the command block.The noob gets furious for the player calling him a noob. Thus, he typed "Kill That Guy" into the block. He then tries to activate the block with a redstone torch and fails.

After hours of hard work he says that he found out the command to kill the player and steal his cape. The command was: "Kill that weird man by the painting pls for me i'll give you cake." He then changes it to: "Kill @a." He then celebrates that he will get the cape but then dies because of the command he wrote.

After he dies, the player that talked to the noob was revealed to be Hypixel. Hypixel stands over the noob's grave, saying that he won't be remembered and that the noob was the only player online at the time.

If Herobrine was a Baby

He appears in the thumbnail for this video. He is seen standing in some dark woods.

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