The Player is a character in ExplodingTNT 's video If Wood was Rare.


The player looks exactly like Rambo. He wears a brown shirt, a green headband, black pants, and a brown belt with grenades on it.


Though not much is known about him, he is pessimistic, and possibly greedy enough to kill his best friends for wood.


If Wood was rare

In the video, he and his three friends; Uglyguy4385, Uglygirl5923, and Headbandman99 were talking. The player said that Minecraft was ruined by the update, but Uglyguy4385 cheered him up and said that together, the four of them would make it through. The four of them entered a cave. A few minutes later, the player was standing with a wood block, and the graves of his three friends next to him. Uglyguy4385 died "trying to protect wood", Uglygirl5923 died "trying to protect friend", and Headbandman99 died be because "he didn't see the enemy". Based on what the graves said, they were either betrayed by the player, or a creeper blew up, and the player was the sole survivor.