Pros are major characters in ExplodingTNT videos. They are the exact opposites of noobs.


BaconCrafter, a notable pro.

Pros are good at the game and like diamonds, enchanted tools, pretty houses, and bragging about their richness. They often laugh at noobs, kill noobs for fun, and insult them for their poorness and little knowledge about the game. Pros have stacks of diamonds, ore blocks, and are skilled craftsmen, fighters and miners. They do not seem to be interested in deadbushes or dirt like noobs do.

They like to stay alone or in small groups and are independent. They think they can do everything alone. They have much knowledge about Minecraft and are almost always capable of surviving and doing what they want. They are really good at PvP and often group in PvP Arenas.

In general, they are the opposite of hackers, always playing legit. However, they are easily trolled by, for example, some Minecraft updates, the ones replace their Diamond gear with weaker items, such as Wooden or Dirt armor, or making another pro's Diamond armor and sword invisible, so they think they are noobs and rush into them, only to be slain easily. Interestingly, not all who claim to be pros are really pros.

Notable pros