After many knockoffs, Purple Shep gets his YouTube Channel.

Purple Shep's Channel icon


Purple Shep does similar videos to Pink Sheep, but he does mini games and blog-like videos. It has been hinted that this is the Secondhand channel of Failboat, but this isn't official. Purple Shep has already introduced new characters, like Seth and Ducky, just like his father has introduced Homie Dolphin.



  • Seth, a dirt block with a sign as a face.


  • Ducky, a blue dinosaur.


(from the Pokemobs video)

  • Level 5 Oshawatt (nicknamed OshaWAT)
  • Level ? Slowbro (nicknamed Herobrine at the end)
  • Level 15 Mantines (referred to as Flipperbird)
  • Level 8 Mantines (referred to as Flipperbird)
  • Level ? Magikarp (Nicknamed KILLER FISH)

There are others that will be listed here soon.



Purple Shep often swaps colors and doesn't know them. For example, in his Q&A video, he looks into a green room, and says that it is his favorite blue room, even though it is green.


  • Despite not knowing the differences between green and blue, Purple Shep knows almost every other color, shown mostly in his video.
  • Purple Shep has said on Pink Sheep's Who's Your Daddy? video that he has short term memory loss. This pulls over to Purple Shep's channel multiple times, like in his Q&A where he is showcasing his own house and shows the path over the sea. He enters through his front door again, and sees the path, wonders where it came from, and decides to go down it again, and repeats this process multiple times.
  • In some of his videos, Purple Shep often mistaken a refrigerator, or microwave, for a toilet