The PvP Arena is a major location in ExplodingTNT's videos.

Pvp areena

PvP Arena


The PvP Arena is a dark building with a netherrrack floor, with several rows of wooden seating that can be used to watch the fights. Each row is above the row below, supported by wooden pillars. The PvPing ground has an uneven shape, not a circle or a semicircle.


The PvP Arena is obviously used in PvP scene, often populated by pros like BaconCrafter. Sometimes, the arena is only full of pros that fight each other. And sometimes, one or two pros fight multiple noobs, which usually stand no chance against the blades. However, sometimes Minecraft updates ruin pro's gear, making the noobs to easily kill them, or sometimes noobs plan good plans to kill the pros, such as taking advantage of pro's arrogance to place a wall in the middle of the arena meanwhile the Pro presumes and then placing a Justin Biever's picture to kill it. The arena is often in chaos when many people fight there. Sometimes the pros who fight in the arena insult noobs that wander in.


  • The PvP arena is actually in the Kingdom of Verona, a map. It is just modified.