TNTSheep is a minor character from ExplodingTNT's videos, notably from If ExplodingTNT and Pink Sheep Switched Places (Part 1). He is ExplodingTNT's alter ego when he swaps places with Pink Sheep.


TNTSheep is very similar to ExplodingTNT, but is in the form of a sheep. He also has a pink mustache.

Appearances (in videos)

If ExplodingTNT and Pink Sheep Switched Places (Part 1)

Before ExplodingTNT becomes TNTSheep, he and Pink Sheep are having an argument at ExplodingTNT's house about how each's life is harder. ExplodingTNT suggests that they switch places to find out who's life is more difficult, and after a long time of thinking, Pink Sheep agrees. Both walk into a red capsule-like machine that switches ExplodingTNT into TNTSheep and Pink Sheep into PinksplodingTNT.

Soon later, TNTSheep is standing inside of a pink house and decides to go annoy someone. He travels down a road to BaconCrafter's house and tries to annoy him, only being killed in return.

When TNTSheep respawns he is in a plaza. He approaches a noob sitting by a pond and tells him to look at his mustache. The noob gets very frightened and jumps into an I Give Up Hole. TNTSheep wonders why everyone is running away, then realizes he forgot to trim his mustache.

If ExplodingTNT and Pink Sheep Switched Places (Part 2)

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