TNT Acting is the server ExplodingTNT uses to record videos on (with the exception of videos that take place in TNT Town and the TNT vs videos).

TNT Acting Spawn at Night

The TNT Acting spawn at Night

TNT Acting Staff

Here is a list of staff of TNT Acting as of August 2017:

  • Owner - ExplodingTNT
  • Duck - Popty
  • Admin - Mikey_MC
  • Admin - creeper321448
  • Admin - Shird
  • Admin - craftisabel
  • Admin- Gamerrizz
  • Helper - *open spot*
  • Helper - Madison_Madison
  • Helper - Aurora_Playz
  • Helper - OpenYourEyes
  • Builder -DaOnlyKiwii
  • Builder - Hulkenberg
  • Builder - Imph
  • Builder - SmolWooly
  • Builder- SaucyCharmander


  • It costs $75.00 USD to be whitelisted on the acting server.
  • The IP Address for the server is kept secret among the actors, however, it was supposedly leaked once on MCOrigins.
  • As of April 30th 2017, a helper, Shird, was promoted to Admin. This is a rarity on the acting server because the last admin to be promoted was creeper321448, a year prior.
  • As of June 17th 2017, the rank Jr. Builder was removed on TNTActing. Jr. Builder was a rank for less experienced builders who built sets and other things for the server, a stepping stone of sorts toward Builder rank.
  • The server is known among actors to crash quite often, (roughly 10 times per month), and doesn't come back online until ExplodingTNT fixes it manually.
  • The current (created by actors) Instagram page for TNT acting updates is
  • The current (created by actors)Twitter page for TNT acting updates is
    • There has been three other Twitter pages for the acting server, but their owners have discontinued updating them.
  • The server used Minecraft version 1.7.10 instead of a newer version for three years until late 2017.
    • This is supposedly because the plugins used were incompatible with modern versions, even though there are alternatives to those plugins made for newer versions.