The "I give up" Hole is a mobile location in ExplodingTNT videos. It first appeared in If Bedrock and Dirt Switched Places.

The i give up hole by fc x mintygreentea01-d8oeund.png

The "i give up " Hole


The "I give up" Hole is a small square hole in the ground, filled with lava. There is usually a sign saying The "I give up" Hole nearby. I appears in many areas and places.


The "I give up" Hole is used in cases when character(s) in the video wants to commit suicide. The hole always appears near the said player, and the player who wishes to commit suicide simply walks in, killing themselves. Villagers often shoot themselves into the hole in large quantities, as seen in videos like If Emeralds and Dirt Switched Places. In If Lava was InvisibleThat Annoying Troll created multiple fake "I give up" holes which were empty; BaconCrafter fell for this, and later gave up on giving up.