The Baby is a minor character in ExplodingTNT videos.

The Baby


The Baby has the appearance of a young baby. He is almost entirely naked, except for a white diaper covering his crotch. His lips are sticking outwards, and he has a noob-style smile, with one buck tooth. His eyes are big, with black pupils. He has almost no hair.


Not much is known about his personality, as he almost never speaks. However, we might figure out that he is quite nooby and doesn't have much experience about the game. His face indicates his noobyness, and also the video If Minecraft was WILD, where The Baby is shown randomly shooting around himself, even hitting himself in the process.


If Herobrine went Shopping

The Baby appears in this video. He is shown in a box as an item for sale, and Herobrine wants to buy him. However, it is soon revealed that the boy is not for sale and that his mother wants him, and Herobrine puts on a mask to escape this embarrassing situation.

If Minecraft was WILD

The Baby appears in one skit, titled If the Enderdragon had a mother. In it, The Baby is seen randomly shooting everywhere, and when one arrows hits The Enderdragon, the dragon goes over to attack The Baby and kill him. However, The Enderdragon's mom stops the dragon, and tells him that he can't kill the cute baby. Then, she compliments the baby, saying that it has a nice butt, and leaves. The baby follows her.

In 9 months, his mom comes back and tells the dragon to greet his new brother, which is shown to be an Enderman with the Baby's face, suggesting he is son of both characters.

If Herobrine was a baby

A Herobrine version of The Baby appears in the thumbnail for the this video. (You can also see the noob from If a noob used command blocks in the backround!

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