The Diamond People are a group of characters that appear in the video If a Space Dimension was Added to Minecraft.


Each of the members of The Diamond People appears as a player with their skin textured like a diamond block, without a face. However, when happy or surprised, they get a face on the upper half of their head. The face has large black eyes with white pupils and a smile, creating a cute looking face and a happy looking expression.


The Diamond People act quite normal when they do not have a face. However, as soon as they spot a dirt block, they get a face and surround any dirt blocks, worshipping them as their “god”. They are capable of exchanging or trading items of big rarities for dirt, such as their entire diamond planet. They obviously believe in a dirt god. They could be considered noobs, as they like and even worship dirt.


If a Space Dimension was Added to Minecraft

The Diamond People only appear in one scene of the video. While Failboat is digging up the Diamond Planet, one member of the cult (without a face) comes up to Failboat and greets him to the Diamond Planet. Then, he asks him if he likes the planet, to which Failboat says yes. Failboat continues, saying that he lives on the Overworld, which only contains “boring blocks” like dirt, which he then places down.
The diamond people with their god

Worshipping dirt

This causes the diamond person to receive his face, and get really excited over the dirt block, saying that he hasn’t seen one in 14 years. While Failboat wonders what is so special about one dirt block, the entire Diamond People surround the dirt block, worshipping it and offering their entire planet for it. However, Failboat decides to keep both the planet and his dirt block, as he kills the entire Diamond People, which causes him to release his entire inner Pink Sheep (and causes MLG glasses to fly on his eyes and Pink Sheep’s signature music to play).


  • They could also be considered aliens, as they come from a planet located in space
  • The diamond person said that he hasn't seen a dirt block in 14 years. This might mean that there used to be dirt blocks on the planet, but they disappeared.