The Dirt Creature is a noob and the main antagonist of the video If a Dirt Dimension was Added.


The Dirt Creature looks like a dirt person. His skin is textured like dirt. He has a nooby face with drool flowing out, and also has MLG shades on his face. However, when he gets scared or surprised, the shades dissapears, his eyes are shown, turned into big white squares with a black dot in the middle; his drool dissapears too and his derp mouth turns into a black two-pixels long line.


The Dirt Creature is a generic noob that likes dead bushes, dirt, and is the creator of the dirt village. He likes to have fun with all kinds of noobs, and dies when the Noob places down a block of grass and destroys the dimension.


If a Dirt Dimension was Added

The Dirt Creature first greets the noob from the overworld. Once he greets the noob from the overworld, he shows the noob The Dirt Village (home of stupid noobs). After the noob from the overworld says a joke, The Dirt Creature has fun playing with his noob friend. They throw dirt everywhere, they dig dirt, burn diamonds, and various other things. In the process, the noob gets out a grass block, to the fright of The Dirt Creature. The Dirt Creature explains that placing the grass will cause it to multiply, and he must put it away. Despite this, the noob places the block, and destroys the entire dimension.

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