The Ugly Nurse is an extremely minor character created by ExplodingTNT. She appeared only in two videos.

The Ugly Nurse in "If Stone was Removed"


The Ugly Nurse is a retextured villager. She has long. stringy hair and yellow eyes. Her mouth is in a permanent frown, and she has unkept teeth. She has one wart on her nose.


The Ugly Nurse is a weird and ugly individual. She thinks Notch is a party animal, and can be perverted towards some people, mostly Notch. However, we do not know much about her personality, as she appeared on screen for only a short time.


If ExplodingTNT Couldnt Make a Christmas Video

In this video, she works at the hospital, and tends to TNT after he hit his head while falling down a pothole. She explains that he has Stupid Disease, and tells him that he needs to rest for three days, and leaves (under her breath, she mutters, "stupid kid".)

If Stone was Removed

In this video, she appears once again at the hospital, and tells Bill Gates that he has Noob disease, since a minute earlier, he had dug straight down and fell into an underground lava pool. Bill asks the Nurse if Notch is okay, and she reveals that he had thrown a massive party with the diamonds he had earned, and that she was there to witness it. She said that afterwards, Notch had bought everyone drinks, (while constantly speaking heavy flattery about Notch, calling him a handsome party animal.) after Bill rushes out of the hospital, the nurse calls after him "TELL NOTCH WE SHOULD MAKE BABIES!!"


  • She has coined two diseases, the Noob Disease, and the Stupid Disease, which seem to be the same thing. It is possible that she has also coined the Spelling Disease, which is brought up much more frequently.
  • She is a retextured Villager.