The Weird Comments Series lives up to its name. The videos are a collection of strange comments, first starting in 2014. The series currently has 23 videos, one of which was removed from YouTube, making that a total of 22 available videos.

The thumbnail video of "If Minecraft was Weird".

The videos usually start with Pink Sheep and Pink Guy (Altrive) harassing ExplodingTNT to make the next part in the series. Some of these include using a machine to turn him pink, ruining a peaceful time on his island, filming him doing a private dance, scaring him with "ghostly" signs, and stealing his cheese.

In the 18/12/2016, as the Weird Comment Series 20th part (and the 19th avalible), a 1 hour long video called "THE WEIRDEST MINECRAFT MOVIE!!" was published. It consisted of a compilation of every single Weird Comments Video that were made at the time.

List of Videos

1. If Minecraft was Weird
2. If Minecraft was Crazy (Removed)
3. If Minecraft was Insane
4. If Minecraft was Stupid
5. If Minecraft was Ridiculous
6. If Minecraft was Chaotic
7. If Minecraft was Wild
8. If Minecraft was Outrageous
9. If Minecraft was Madness
10. If Minecraft was Dumb
11. If Minecraft was Idiotic
12. If Minecraft was Bizarre
13. If Minecraft was Insanity
14. If Minecraft was Extreme
15. If Minecraft was Nuts!!
16. If Minecraft was Crazy!!
17. If Minecraft was Insanely Weird
18. If Minecraft was Extremley Stupid
19. If Minecraft was Incredibly Idiotic
21. If FIDGET SPINNERS Were in Minecraft (Weird Comments)
22. If a DIAMOND CRAFTING TABLE Was added to Minecraft (Weird Comments)
23. If MINECRAFT and ROBLOX went to WAR (Weird Comments)

Notable Skits

If carrots could talk

Video: If Minecraft was BIZARRE

This scene starts with a carrot on the grass, saying "I can talk!". Then, BaconCrafter walks over and picks up the carrot. He starts to eat it, to the carrot screaming. He says, "Shut up, carrot", and finishes eating it.

If a fliing poop mob was added to minecraft

Video: If Minecraft was INSANITY

We first see a poop emoji mob randomly walking around, turning in circles and derping around, when a girl walks up to it. She thinks the poop is cute, and asks what it can do. The mob then farts, and everyone goes crazy from the smell.

If minecraft Was sexual

Video: If Minecraft was Weird

We first see a person talk to a girl named Ashley (not related to the other minor character, Ashley). He says that she is very cute, and complements her eyes, saying that they look like toenails and the rest of her body sucks. Then, he invites her into a bed to "have some fun", but she tells him that only one person can sleep in a bed at once. Suddenly, someone shouts out the word "HEY", which attracts their attention. The camera shows an image of the Minecraft logo, saying that "it used to be sexual".

If a potato took over Minecraft

Video: If Minecraft was INSANELY WEIRD

The skit starts with Notch looking around inside his office until a talking potato arrives to take Notchs job as the owner of Minecraft, and saying Notch he can't stop it. Suddendly, Notch gets hungry and start eating fries, shocking the potato, as the fries are its brothers. As Notch keeps eating them, the Potato runs away, scared, without hearing how Notch says than fries aren't even real potatoes.


  • Altrive did not actually appear in the first and second weird comments video, nor did Pink Sheep. Altrive's brother Scarf Guy did instead.
  • Some of the suggestions in these kinds of videos actually got an official video. Some are If minecraft was black and white and If jumping was removed.
  • Pink Sheep appeared in most of the videos in the series. However, on the first 10 parts he appeared in, he had no mustache and he was talking in subtitles. Since Part 11, he appears with his mustache and speaks with his robotic voice.
    • According to him on THE WEIRDEST MINECRAFT MOVIE!, the pink sheep that appeared on the first 10 parts wasn't him, but a sheep who trying to act like him.
  • Some skits start with the comment and then a black screen. Some of these comments are If notch died, If ExplodingTNT died (both from If Minecraft Was Weird) and If ExplodingTNT stopped making videos (If Minecraft was INSANELY WEIRD)
  • There is actually one video in this series that was removed from YouTube. It was the 2nd part of The Weird Comments Series, If Minecraft was Crazy. Some theories indicate that it was removed for profane content, such as a swearing pony, but those are only speculations.
    • Despite that, part 16 of the series got uploaded with the same title as "If Minecraft was CRAZY!!".
    • In THE WEIRDEST MINECRAFT MOVIE!, the video was included, making it able to be viewed again. One of the comments in the video was "If an enderman had a sexual introduction with an endergirl": however, only ExplodingTNT walking away scared of the comment was shown in the skit.
      • Additonally, the scene before the title of the video featured a picture of a man in bikini.
    • As of part 21 the way they are titled was changed.

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