Timothy was a student appearing in If Teachers Took Over Minecraft.


Timothy is a caucasian player with black hair, a black hoodie, and blue eyes.


Not much is known about him, but he is concerned about his personal safety, as he does not want to trim a toaster.


If Teachers Took Over Minecraft

In his first scene, he and the rest of his class are enjoying a lecture from Mr. Cow about why they should not eat cow meat. However, Pink Sheep came in and told the class that milk gave them superpowers. They all turned against and chased their teacher.

In the next scene, Timothy asks who their new teacher was after Mr. Cow was gone. Instantly, Purple Shep or "Professor Shep" came in. He told the class if they were ready to try trimming toasters. Timothy did not answer. Purple Shep came up to him and asked why he did not answer, and he said it was because he did not think trimming toasters was safe. Purple Shep reassured him that it was safe, and trimmed a toaster in front of him, destroying the classroom.