Trolling a Dirt Block? is a trolling video on ExplodingTNT's channel. In it, ExplodingTNT attempts to troll a dirt block in Minecraft.


Sorry for uploading this... I had to. Anyways, thanks for 75,000 subs!! Means a lot! :D

And to the haters of this video, don't take this vid so seriously.


The video begins with ExplodingTNT walking in a desert before eventually seeing a random, floating dirt block. After staring at it for a short time, he decides to troll the block and breaks it. Because this is not considered a troll, ExplodingTNT concludes that a dirt block cannot be trolled, as it is a dirt block. Following this, a message is displayed, thanking the viewers for giving him a total of 75,000 subscribers to the channel and wishing they will enjoy the videos to come.


  • This video would later become the video featured on ExplodingTNT's official TubeHeroes page, despite the fact that it isn't one of his better videos.