The Roblox Guest is a recurring character in ExplodingTNT's videos.


The Roblox guest has pale white skin and wears a black shirt with words on it.


As a Roblox player, he has an extreme hatred for all things Minecraft, going as far as attempting to destroy it.


Minecraft VS Roblox

The Roblox guest meets Steve, and they get into a heated argument over which game is better:Minecraft or Roblox


Jeb accidentally walks into a wall in the Mojang Office and reveals a secret room with a button that will destroy Minecraft. Notch makes him promise to keep it a secret and the two go out for ice cream, unaware that they were being watched through a window by the Roblox Guest. He sees the button and instantly tries to trick Pink Sheep and Purple Shep into helping him destroy Minecraft, but they both reject the offer. He decides to sneak in himself and press the button. However, Notch is taking too long so he gets a noob as a distraction. The noob manages to distract Notch and gives the time to let the guest press the button. But, right before he was about to press the button, Notch came up on the television and announced that he respects both games and their players. This convinces the guest to not press the button, however, the noob comes back in and presses the button thinking it is an apple. A few minutes later, every noise in the game is replaced with Failboat singing "Baby" by Justin Bieber and the world ends.