With appearances back (Much to my disagreement), I would like to pitch some goals I would like accomplished on this wiki. As such, you may have noticed the redesigned "Video infobox" template that has patched onto the wiki. Which is why I would like for the other infoboxes to also be redesigned in a similar format.

Also, as Prism has mentioned multiple times, there is a severe lack of locations pages on the wiki with few people actually focused on completing this task. Thus, I would like for users to "pitch in" and make about ten appearance pages (You cannot make any other pages until this quota is reached. If you do, I will delete it, regardless of quality.)

Lastly, I would like for more pages detailing the servers (MCOrigins and TheNova). And thus, users must make five pages in each of the following categories:

  • Server
  • Minigame
  • NPC
  • Events

Comment if you have any dissagreements.