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  • I live in ho chi minh city
  • I was born on August 31
  • My occupation is trying to find things to put here
  • I am trying to tell people the correct way to pronouce my name is "se-roo-gleep-phee" oh yeah im male
  • Ceruglyphy

    User Right Voting

    May 11, 2016 by Ceruglyphy

    Hello, so since this Wiki is growing, it needs Admins as well, to keep the Wiki clean. The purpose of making this blog is that there will be a voting to decide which person could be an Admin.

    To be an Admin you need to:

    • Be active
    • Have joined a long time ago or have many experiences in editing.
    • Must be chosen by other users

    To be a candidate, simply tell me in the comment why do you want to be an Admin, I will see is your reason valid and consider adding you in. When we have enough candidates, the voting will begin. You all will vote in the comment for every candidates, you can vote them with 5 options:

    • Support
    • Minor Support
    • Neutral
    • Minor Oppose
    • Oppose

    Remember to give specific reasons for your votes or they won't be counted.

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