I always thought dead bushes were cool. I then learned that I was a noob, and that there were many other noobs around the world of minecraft. I was entered into a private noob server, which has a noob kingdom. (Watch If deadbush tools existed by golden armor!) I can be seen at 2:58 or 2:59 in the video. You can see me in the lower right corner. Anyway, I realised golden armor made videos called machimanias. So, each day I learned a little more about machimanias, and eventually found out about the world greatest minecraft machimania maker: ExplodingTNT. I watched many of his videos, and was happy to see multiple noobs. I wasn't  sure if I had seen every single noob in explodingtnt's videos, so I went to this wiki. I saw a noobs catagory, and imediatly started making edits and pages for the noob section. For example, I learned recently that superidiot55 had another appearence, and I also made pages for the dirt creature, Billy the builder, Noob (when a noob uses command blocks) and much more. My very first page I added was a noob called the bizarre noob! I was very proud. Here is some of the latest info about exploding tnt noobs: Barack Obama has made a small appearence in the video If a Kill Button was Added to Minecraft. SuperIdiot55 has made another small appearence in the video if teenagers took over minecraft.