This is a page intended to show everyone on this wiki what am I planning to do for this wiki as an Admin

I want everyone to know what am I working on and planning to do on this wiki. Users can reply to this blog, telling me that they don't like the idea of *something*, and if enought people dislike it, I won't do it. The same applies to user suggesting things. If I like them, I will add them into my To-Do List.

What have I done as of now:

  • Customized some badges
  • Made a custom cursor
  • Created a "Video" badge track

To-Do List:

  • Customize ALL badges
  • Finish appearances for the Pink Sheep page.
  • Create some new badge tracks
  • A fresh and new background
  • Help others!

If any Burecraut or Admin sees this - tell me if you dislike the ideas and I will remove them!

If you dislike a change I already made, free feel to remove it with an explanation.

Please note that whenever I feel like changing something, I will add it to the To-Do List!


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