Villager #2140093 was a villager who was successful enough to gain access to the luxurious Emerald Dimension.


Villager #2140093 looked like any other villager. He had a brown robe, a brown unibrow, and emerald green eyes. Eventually though, he turned into one of the purest emerald blocks ever made.


Villager #2140093 was a serious businessman, who gained thousands of emeralds from his trades. He was such a serious businessman, he was allowed to enter the Emerald Dimension.


If an Emerald Dimension was Added

Villager #2140093 was the main character in the video. It started off when a player mined an emerald block and went traded to him for 1 ink sack. Then, the Cleric went over to him and said that The Villager Boss wanted to talk to him. The villager boss told him that he was getting promoted and gained access to the Emerald Dimension. He went through the portal, and just before he left, the boss warned him not to stay there for too long, or bad things would happen. The villager then cherished his time there, and he remembered what his boss said. He ran to the portal, but before he could reach it, was knocked unconscious by Mark, a villager who was turned into an emerald block.

He was slowly turning into an emerald, and Mark brought him to some sort of gathering with other villagers-turned-emerald-blocks. Mark explained to him that this was a ritual to the Villager Gods, and he would give his life to make some of the purest emeralds in minecraft. Villager #2140093 instantly escaped and fled back to the portal, but it was too late and he had fully became an emerald block. Then, he was mined by the same player who traded with him at the start of the video.